Embroidery on our aprons.
When you make a purchase at magicaprons give you the opportunity to customize your garment embroidering embroidering her name or logo. The steps to request the embroidery are as follows.

- Embroidery Name (cost 3 € per item):
Once added to the aprons or buying cart. There is a product called aprons "embroidered on aprons", this is the one tentra to configure and add to cart.
1 - Enter the name to be embroidered in the Text field and press save.
2 - Elega location embroidery.
left chest - chest centered - right breast.
3 - Elega the letter. (the fonts have them in product images "embroidered aprons"
4 - Choose color of thread. (have them in pictures and on the tablet to select color)
5 - Finally select the amount to embroider and give add to cart.
(if different embroidered aprons and just want one, write on your apron embroidered detail that when you order in "Order comments", there you can leave feedback on your request.)
- Embroidered logo:
To make the logo embroidery after ordering. send us this email "info@magicaprons.es" acontinuación information is asked.
1 - Choose Location breast height.
  left chest - chest centered - right breast.
2 - pipping design / logo € 90
3 - € 3 per garment embroidery
4 - send logo (pdf) maximum measures 10 * 10, (as it would color logo)
5 - Acceptance Order payment budget integrity.

IMPORTANT! Once embroidered apron will not be any financial payment, provided that the error is not caused by our team, if so embroider the apron again.